Assessment and Accreditation

Assessment does not drive the curriculum at Seven Hills, it is an integral part of the teaching and learning process. At Seven Hills, assessment allows: 

  • All aspects of pupil progress and need to be carefully monitored over time.
  • Future planning to be supported and informed by appropriate assessment.
  • Work to be suitably differentiated.
  • Some pupils to be actively involved in assessment of their progress and learning.
  • Pupils, staff and parents to celebrate success.
  • Meaningful reporting to parents and others (e.g. Local Authority, Governors).

Students have Individual Learning Priorities linked to our 4 key curriculum areas: Communication/Interaction; Cognition/Learning; Social, Emotional and Mental Health; and Sensory/Physical.  Targets are taken from Educater, EHCP outcomes, ASDAN programmes, Speech and Language Therapy programmes and Physiotherapy programmes and where appropriate other professionals such CAMHS.

The progress of students in receipt of Pupil Premium is closely monitored.

Seven Hills uses external accreditation to validate the work of the students and the judgements of staff in relation to progress and achievement. It helps to create targets and goals which motivate and drive students towards further achievement. Students learn to communicate and talk about their learning and aspirations. They know what they need to do to make further progress.

The range of accreditation offered is reshaped annually to respond to the needs of the current population.  Students achieve Entry Level Functional Skills Certificates in English, Maths and Computing. The school offers AQA Unit Awards across a range of curriculum areas and ASDAN qualifications in Life Skills areas in Post 16. Year 11 students have the opportunity to achieve a Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award.

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