Seven Hills School is an inspirational community, which nurtures talents, shares learning and celebrates life.


The vision and values of Seven Hills School are:


Honesty – honesty at all times

Wellbeing – consideration of our own wellbeing and that of others

Resilience – resilience and courage to face challenges

Independence – independence and confidence for the journey towards adulthood

Respect – respect and tolerance to value difference in the world around us

Friendliness – friendliness to develop appropriate and healthy relationships




The school will continue to develop its environment, resources and skills to enable us to effectively enhance the educational opportunities and well-being of students and staff

Teaching – teaching is designed to inspire and create activity, curiosity and engagement.

Curriculum – our different curriculum pathways will enable students to achieve/succeed in their own individual goals and aspirations.

Adulthood – our students and families will be supported, knowledgeable and prepared for the journey towards adulthood.

Independence – all students are supported to develop independence in all aspects of their lives.  Developing independence underpins all aspects of a student’s life, students are able to know, express or indicate their wishes / needs and beliefs.

Citizenship – students will be empowered to be respectful, tolerant and active citizens within their community.

Communication – students will be equipped with appropriate communication strategies to enable them to express their wants and needs effectively.

Our vision will be converted into actions and initiatives through our School Development Plan, this reflects the content of our vision in measurable, actions and targets.

Nurturing talent  •  Sharing learning  •  Celebrating life