The Bridge

The Bridge is a joint provision, providing post 16 education for Talbot and Seven Hills students in preparation for them moving on to further education settings. The Bridge opened in September 2020 and is situated on the Newfield/Talbot site in a separate building to Talbot school.

Currently, Seven Hills students and Talbot students follow separate curricula. However, students have many opportunities to expand their friendship groups and develop their social skills at break and lunchtimes. There are also opportunities for students from both schools to work collaboratively on joint projects. Presently all students are taking part in redesigning their outdoor recreation area, which has included surveying students and designing presentations to present their ideas to the school leadership team.

Students at The Bridge will experience a curriculum that continues to challenge and develop academic skills, as well as developing key skills for adult life. The Bridge is equipped with an independent living room where students can practice skills important for adult life such as home safety, cooking, cleaning, and using a washing machine, as well as the social skills required for working alongside others.

The Bridge provides a unique opportunity for our abler students to experience ‘moving-on’ with the support of familiar staff and routines, prior to them leaving school and embarking on the next phase of their educational journey.

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