Post 16

At Seven Hills School our intent for our Post 16 learners is for them to be as prepared for adulthood as possible. To be prepared for adulthood we consider that students need to:

  • Experience more of the community, to be seen and recognised as part of the community and to engage in various aspects of the community.
  • Have developed knowledge and skills that will allow students to be able to live with as much independence as they can, whether that be supported accommodation, living independently or being more engaged when working with others.
  • Recognise how to remain healthy, through physical activity, what they eat and their life choices.
  • Be ready for their next steps, whether this be a social care placement, a college course, or employment. Our curriculum is designed to give students the knowledge of their next steps, the skills to be ready for their next steps, and the experience of meeting people and visiting places that might inform their future.
  • Find their passions and hobbies for the future, developing their identity, social engagement, develop higher thinking skills, and improve their wellbeing through creative projects.
  • Develop their functional literacy and numeracy skills to enable them to engage in the world around them once they move into adulthood.

As with the rest of the school, our Post 16 curriculum is divided into three curriculum pathways: developmental, semi-formal and formal pathways. Although there is some variation, we are attempting to prepare students for their next steps in adulthood as mentioned above. Below we set out our intent for our students in each curriculum pathway.

Accreditation in Post 16:

There are a number of accreditation options in Post 16 including:

ASDAN Towards Independence for our Developmental Pathway

ASDAN Lifeskills Challenge for our Semi-Formal and Formal Pathways

Functional Skills Entry Level Awards – for English and Maths

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