Peer Mediation

Peer mediation is conflict resolution for young people by young people, where students of the same age-group facilitate resolving disputes between two people or small groups.

Peer mediators do not take sides- they support and facilitate a problem-solving process to find a win-win resolution for both sides. Peer mediators are trained and monitored, and have weekly training meetings with staff.

Seven Hills has had a group of students trained to be Peer Mediators since 2005.  We are one of the longest running teams in Sheffield and the only special school in the UK,  (and possibly the world!) who has a Peer Mediating team.  We are extremely proud of our team!

Being part of the Peer Mediator team provides meaningful opportunity to develop valuable skills for life, such as empathy, active listening and problem-solving.  It enables our young people to develop and discover new talents and become active citizens who contribute positively to their school community.  It develops character, including resilience, empathy, confidence and independence.


“Peer mentors wear their red jackets and baseball caps with pride. They feel their training has been invaluable to enable them to carry out their role of befriending anyone who is lonely and to make sure ‘no one gets too angry’.”

Reported from Ofsted 2017 


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