Outdoor Learning


At Seven Hills School it is our intention to provide all students with a broad and balanced Outdoor Learning curriculum. We aim to promote positive attitudes to being outdoors through a curriculum that promotes horticulture, outdoor exploration and play as well as care for the natural world and environment. Our intention is for students to enjoy Outdoor Learning and make progress throughout the year as they experience the seasons changing around them. 

 Across all phases we intend to:

  • Enable our students to build self-esteem and confidence  
  • Enable our students to be resilient, determined and independent learners 
  • Foster an understanding of the importance of being outside as a way to both relax and sustain good mental health 
  • Encourage collaboration and teamwork 
  • Develop, build and encourage the ideas of risk management and risk benefit  
  • Enable our students to develop their life skills and experiences 
  • Promote skills for life beyond school: for future hobbies or employment opportunities  
  • Enable our students to gain a respect for the natural environment and wildlife.

Click here for Outdoor Learning Phase 1 Long-Term Plan 2022-23

Click here for Outdoor Learning Phase 2 Long-Term Plan 2022-23

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