English is a core subject where we believe every child has the right to high quality teaching and learning opportunities that promote a high individual standard of literacy across all stands: reading, writing and expressive and receptive communication.   

Our use of English across the whole curriculum reflects the importance of development of cognitive, social and communication skills to support all students achieve their full potential and ready them with the skills needed for adult life beyond Seven Hills School.  

 At Seven Hills School we adopt a Total Communication approach using a range of alternative communication methods to enable, support and encourage communication and speech and language development. Students are given the opportunity to develop reading and writing skills every day through a range or cross curricular activities as well as exclusive English lessons and daily designated reading time as part of our school timetable.  

Reading and writing is supported by the Read Write Inc framework and teachers’ midterm planning is led by specially chosen text from a range of narrative, non-fiction and poetry genres.

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