Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh may be offered to some of our students when they are in Year 11. The Award isn’t a competition or about being first. It’s all about setting personal challenges and pushing personal boundaries.

Young people make friends, have fun, improve their self esteem and build confidence.  Students work through the year on the three sections of physical, voluntary and skill. During the physical lessons students take part in different sporting activities to improve their fitness and go on walks around the local area.

Whilst at school and on the walks they help clean up the environment by doing litter picking, this all goes towards completing the voluntary section. To complete the skill section students learn something new such as first aid or playing an instrument. 

The final section in order to complete the bronze award is the expedition.  This involves spending the day out in Bakewell using photo maps to navigate their way to a finish point. Finally they take part in an overnight camp again around the Bakewell area. Students gain essential skills and attributes such as resilience, problem solving, team working and  communication.  

Nurturing talent  •  Sharing learning  •  Celebrating life