“In art 95% of students made expected or better than expected progress”

End of year results 2017-2018

Art and Design

At Seven Hills School we value Art and Design as an important part of the children’s entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum. Art and Design provides children with the opportunity to express them-selves creatively developing imaginative skills and providing an opportunity to express individuality through drawing, painting, sculpture and transient art.

Art plays a central role in a child’s development and this is nurtured through giving students an understanding, appreciation and ability to create art and be able to communicate through and have ownership of their own creations.  The art curriculum covers a wide breadth of topics developing students’ knowledge of their own and other cultures, leaning about artists, architects and designers in history; exploring techniques in using colour, pattern, technique, line, shape for, and space.  It encompasses children’s literature and compliment the overall teaching of the Arts at Seven Hills School.

Art, Design and Craft fosters creativity, imagination and confidence, developing fine and gross motor skills that are transferable to other subjects across the curriculum.  A high quality art and design education should engage, inspire, support their progress and challenge pupils equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of Art, Craft and Design.  At Seven Hills this is delivered through an open-ended, student driven approach adopting pedagogies that allow students the opportunity to explore material, mediums and techniques freely, proving opportunities and activities that allow an organic process of creating art.  Students are supported and encouraged to make their own creative decision thus promoting confidence, independence and well-being.

Art enables student to develop skills for life that can be adapted to a variety of situations both in and out of school; transferable skills that students will utilise once they have left Seven Hills School.  The art curriculum and its delivery offers students the opportunity to develop communication skills, encourages choice making and offers students to have an opportunity to have an influence on their environment.

In accordance to the school’s vision – as students’ progress they gain confidence in their own creative abilities.  These creative abilities are nurtured and celebrated across the school through displays, social media and exhibitions – sharing their learning and celebrating the achievements of all our students.

Long Term Planning 20-21



Autumn 1

Revision, consolidation and assessment in all areas of mathematics

Autumn 2


Counting, reading, writing and recognising numbers


Spring 1

Shape, Space and Measure

Measurement, Geometry: Properties of a shape, Geometry: Position & Direction and Statistics

AQA units

Spring 2


Counting, reading, writing and recognising numbers (Addition and subtraction strands also for PS8 and PS9)

AQA units/Functional skills preparation

Summer 1

Shape, Space and Measure

Measurement, Geometry: Properties of a shape, Geometry: Position & Direction and Statistics

AQA units/Functional Skills (Entry Level)

Summer 2

Teacher discretion (Educator assessment gaps and ILP focus) 


Formal and Semi formal long term planning
Development and semi formal long term planning

Nurturing talent  •  Sharing learning  •  Celebrating life