“Art 95% of students made expected or better than expected progress”

Figures for end of year results 2017-2018


What we include in our Artsmark statement of commitment.

Development of arts provision, looking at Reggio Emillio approaches to education.

Developing approaches in the teaching of art that focus on developing students’ imaginative and creative skills rather than encouraging students to create a particular preconceived idea.

Exploring the process of making art rather than the finished piece.

Looking at using exciting, stimulating and reusable resources that can be collected from household objects ie tin, bottle lids, old cd’s, old bike wheels.  Collected natural resources, pine cones, shells, stone, sticks.

Look at how arts provision can be communicated to parents/carer and our community.  Set up a Twitter and instagram account, send postcards home of students’ work, create canvasses of students’ work.

Look at how creativity can be beneficial to staff; development of staff wellbeing days.

Continue with opportunities that can stimulate creativity; pet day, fesitvals, library, cafes, Shakespeare.

Bring our creativity into the wider community and our pyramid.

As part of our Artsmark journey we have set up at school twitter and instagram account, these accounts celebrate all creative activities that go on across the school and with the outside community.

It’s a great way for us to share the fabulous work your children are doing in arts lessons and other creative activities and subjects.

If you would like to take a look you will find us @Theartsat7.

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